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Making Goals in Teamwork and Leadership through Soccer
Making Goals in Teamwork and Leadership through Soccer

For the last few weeks in P.E. class, first grade students have been learning new dribbling, kicking, and ball control skills throughout our new unit of soccer. Students dash past our "shark goalie" with their balls in the sharks and minnows game, dribble about a small space playing "musical soccer", and navigate through a sea of scooters playing scooter soccer with a giant yoga ball. Getting our students moving and learning new skills in this class is always one of our main goals; something much larger happens, though, throughout each of these lessons together. When doing these activities, the first grade team must rely on and look out for one another to ensure successful and safe playing. They must cooperate with one another to get past a challenge or complete an objective for the lesson. In playing soccer, this unit of P.E. naturally taps into to one of our most important learning objectives for this class throughout its various activities: teamwork and leadership.

As adults, we can reflect on things that we wish we started learning at a younger age in order to be more successful at them in our adult life. As a first grader, learning the importance of being a successful team player or leader of your team is an indispensable life long skill that should be taught as early as possible. Teaching young students the critical elements in teamwork and leadership through fun, active lessons and group sports is an excellent way to ensure strong skills in cooperation and guidance for the future and to help mold individuals who are ready for a myriad of situations that may arise in their life. In having them play group games and cooperative sports as young children, we are helping our students become more successful, prepared team players and leaders for the future.

As our unit progresses, I look forward to seeing the students continue to work together and build their skills as team players. They have already progressed so much throughout this school year, and it is a joy to continue to watch them develop in these ways as the year soon comes to an end!

-Ms. Colette, LS P.E. Teacher

K/1 Storyline Field Trip to Naftaland Farm
K/1 Storyline Field Trip to Naftaland Farm

What a morning, with a lovely family, in the great Central Oregon sunshine!

Kindergarten and first grade Storyline students went to 'Naftaland' farm and gardens on Wednesday. This is the home of our beloved first grader, Lucy. Her dynamic parents, Leah and Dave, led us through a tour of their two-year enterprise, and we were amazed to see what wonderful things can happen by beginners in just two short years.

For example, we learned a lot about alpacas. We shoveled alpaca manure and saw how Naftaland garden collects theirs to fertilize the soil in the greenhouse vegetable garden. We even joined the animals out on their range. Walking out in the beautiful pasture land overlooking the Cascade mountains was a delight for the senses; as our ever-funny Caroline phrased it, "That poop doesn't even stink at all!"

We sampled greens from inside the huge, prolific greenhouse and used our senses to record our observations. On our hands and knees, we looked for insects using our handy laminated personal field guides for identification. We looked for evidence of garden pests like holes in the ground or spots on leaves. We collected yarn samples plied from the fleece of their very own alpacas.

All in all, it was an excellent trip and an invaluable hands-on learning experience for the students. Thank you to Lucy, Leah, and Dave!

-Mrs. Rice, 1st Grade Teacher

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