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4th and 5th Grade Explores Orff Instruments
Continuing with the progress we've made on out first Orff arrangement (the bluegrass classic, Big Ball in Boston!) the fourth and fifth-grade classes are now tackling another complex musical composition. However, this time we turn our sites to the arena of world music and a beautiful rendition of the Nigerian welcome song Funga Alafia. Rather than four separate musical patterns (as was the case in Big Ball) this piece contains 7 unique parts being played simultaneously. And, once again, these wonderful musicians have stepped up to the challenge and are performing marvelously! Way to go kids!

-Mr. Cardwell, LS Music Teacher
Gritty Independent Learning
Gritty Independent Learning

The end of the year is full of the exciting learning that makes Cascades Academy so special. Traveling school explorations, Storyline culminations, and Outdoor School all offer fourth and fifth graders chances to learn on their own terms and share their learning in a creative and authentic manner. Independent Projects, similarly, give students the opportunity to learn autonomously about a topic of their choice.

These projects have students practice in planning and executing of a long term plan. They must examine their plan with a critical eye and determine how best to organize and present the information. Students often find their topics evolving over the course of the project. One of the most valuable part of the experience, from a teacher's perspective, is the discomfort that arises when students are "stuck". In overcoming the obstacles that typically arise while completing an open ended project, our fourth and fifth graders build grit that will carry over into middle, high school and the years beyond.

-Ms. Moisan, 4th/5th Grade Teacher

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