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Why We're Excited for Conferences to Begin Tomorrow!
Why We're Excited for Conferences to Begin Tomorrow!

Ever wonder why this annual fall event for schools was labeled "Parent/Teacher Conferences"? The idea of a "conference" lends itself to a bit of a stuffy and formal gathering instead of what we as educators hope for as we prepare for these fall meetings. I'm advocating for a renaming of the meeting and henceforth would like to suggest we label them "Collaborative Conversations". As educators we sometimes find ourselves bogged down with the latest lingo and verbiage of the day, but in all actuality, this fall ritual is simply a scheduled conversation where we look forward to the chance to share observations and collaborate with the child's first teachers, to create a year long path on which we strive to help your child find their way.

These collaborative conversations provide teachers with the opportunity to build an important relationship with your family. Through open and honest communication and the collaborative creation of goals, both academic and social emotional, all of us, working together, can create an environment of success and support for your child. Come prepared with questions, anecdotes to share, and a way to take notes, and we'll do the same as we set our sights on a collaborative and meaningful conversation. We can't wait to see you this week and make plans for the year ahead.

-Bill Alsdurf, Jr., Lower School Head

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