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The Win-Win of Late Starts
The Win-Win of Late Starts

If you could have been at our all-school assembly on Halloween and heard the gregarious applause when Julie reminded the students of our late start on November 1st, you would have unanimously joined in!! Not only are these late start days a benefit for students (and parents, too), they are equally beneficial for us teachers. As we like to say, it's a Win-Win!!

This past Wednesday, the LS classroom teachers put together an informative, passionate and fun in-house professional development for our LS specialist teachers on Responsive Classroom. When professional development can be provided by a school's own faculty (teachers teaching teachers), the implementation of newly learned concepts and skills becomes more effective and applicable. As "side-by-side" colleagues, we have trusting collegial relationships and participating in this type of professional development opens the space to ask the tougher questions teachers don't normally encounter in larger off-campus PD. Even better, if there are follow up questions or teachers would like to observe and learn more about a program, we are only right next door!

The time to collaborate and learn with and from our peers is truly valuable. The LS classroom teachers truly did an exceptional job engaging and educating their peers in Responsive Classroom techniques and strategies and the LS specialists are especially grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from their peers. Plus, your kids got to sleep in a little bit after Halloween. Win-Win!

-Natalie Wilhelm, LS Head

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