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Camp Cascades Sleepover Fun
Camp Cascades Sleepover Fun

We did it! The Two Crew rocked their first sleepover and without a doubt will be ready for our trip to Camp Collins in a few short weeks. Here are some highlights from the night: dancing the Cha Cha Slide, choosing a camp name, eating pizza, taking a hike at night time, hearing a bedtime story from Julie, cozying up with our friends on the commons floor, waking up with our friends on the commons floor, eating pancakes and muffins. And the fun continues as we spend our Friday as if we are at camp.

-Ms. Fiore, 2nd Grade Teacher

2nd Grade Scientists

Second graders are good scientists, because they are keen observers of nature. Upon our return from Spring Break, we have traveled to the canyon and we've tested hypotheses about what has been happening on our campus these last several weeks. Trees and bushes are bursting with buds, the snow is gone and there are more signs of animals everywhere we walk outside. We have seen lizards and insects and birds that were absent during our very long, cold winter. The second graders also shared some great nature observations from their vacations during spring break. Whether they were in Florida, Mexico, or New Zealand, they were able to observe animals and plants that are different from the ones observed here in our high desert ecosystem. The students have a great sense of the balance of nature and were quick to describe predators and prey and the importance of all life forms in an ecosystem. Second graders, it turns out, are great ecologists too!

-Dr. Eklund, Science Teacher

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