Cascades Academy Independent School PK-12

Work at Camp

Camp CREATE Staff

We believe at Camp CREATE that a successful camp experience stems from having positive role models and leaders throughout each week of camp. When selecting staff for our program, we aim for the highest of standards and strive to select the best candidates possible for our specialized camp experience.

Guest educators and instructors at Camp CREATE are all highly qualified individuals with years of experience in education, youth development, and leadership. Our guest educators each week are teachers from Cascades Academy that are highly trained and experienced with their weekly theme. The curriculum for our varied themes are co-designed by the program director and guest educators and are developed to appropriately challenge students and ensure a well-rounded experience with the activities and excursions provided. We believe our camp provides a unique and fun learning opportunity, and it is with such qualified and specialized guest educators that this is possible!

We strive for the best camp experience possible for your child, and selecting staff and educators well-suited for our program is of the utmost importance. We consistently maintain an instructional staff to student ratio of 1:10 or better each week of camp to ensure an individualized experience that your camper will never forget! All of our instructors and educators are First Aid/CPR certified, have passed a criminal background check, and have completed two years or more of college education. We always make sure to select individuals who are excited to work with and teach children and feel extremely passionate about doing so. Having this combination of skills allows for a well-guided summer camp experience for your child that is coupled with high standards of safety and professionalism.

Stay tuned for 2020 employment and CIT opportunities.