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Vision, Mission & Values

This year marks Cascades Academy's 21st anniversary, and our school is thriving. With a stable foundation in place, we're able to reflect on the challenges and growth we've experienced over the past two decades, and look to the future while creating a vision for the next 20 years. Our faculty and staff took time earlier this year to update our mission statement, articulate our school's core values, and develop an inspiring vision. These are the themes that guide our work each day. We invite you to learn more:


What we aim to achieve.

Cultivate Engagement
To foster lives of understanding, purpose, and meaning.

Build Community
To deepen connection, appreciation, and collaboration.

Inspire Goodness
To be a force of positive impact in the world.


What we do everyday.

Deliver meaningful, challenging, and experiential
education to inspire lifelong learners who are
socially responsible individuals ready
for a diverse and changing world.


How we do it.

Ignite Curiosity
Learn by Doing
Foster Belonging
Empower Individuality
Embrace Challenge
Share Joyfulness