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Camp Create Week #5: Zany Zoology

Lion, Zebras, and Campers Oh My!

This past week students took and in depth dive into the world of zoology! Campers were able to build a vibrant model for innovated animal education right here in Bend. Campers imagined, designed, and built interactive spaces for families to engage and learn about the importance of a diverse animal populations! Take a peak at some of the photos below to get a taste of what happened at camp this week!

Here are some reflections from our amazing camp counselors:

Comments from Ms. Cat in Group 1:

We created our own Zoo! This week the campers of Group 1 created habitats for animals that live in our own backyard. They made homes for bears, cougars, coyotes, river otters and much more. The campers learned about what their animals would need to live comfortably: food, water and even entertainment. As a group the campers stepped into the role of being zoologist and park planners. We even made a zoologist vest! Group 1 had a great week!

Comments from Ms. Tegan in Group 2:

This week Group 2 decided to learn about the Predators of the Serengeti. For our exhibit we created habitats for the Black Mamba Snake, Crocodiles, a Caracal, Cheetahs, Lions, a Rock Python and Baboons. We explored the Canyon in search of enrichment items for our animals. Our wonderful CIT facilitated animal masks, so we all could become our favorite animal. It was a successful week of exploring, learning and crafting.

Comments from Ms. Anna in Group 3:

This week we went to the Zoo, or we brought the zoo to you! Group 3 picked animals of the Savanna. We had some giraffes, lions, hyenas, even a "edgy elephant". They used all recycled materials to build all our exhibits and animals. We also created and coded a robotic lego animal. They had a blast on creating their own animals and learning to make them walk on their own. This group was great! They learned lots and built strong friendships.

Comments from Ms. Raquel in Group 4:

Toucans, jaguars, and primates galore.... what lives in the rainforest? Ask Group 4! The expert zoologists of Group 4 showed great knowledge as they spent the week constructing zoo habitats for rainforest and jungle animals. With a few hours and tons of recycled materials, our zoo quickly came together. The hasty pace of construction didn't take away from the artistry and attention to detail though. Primate habitats included connecting waterways, toucan exhibits were adorned with colorful walls, and our tiger gift shop even came stocked with miniature toys! After all that hard work Group 4 took a break to make Cartesian Divers and slime bouncy balls; we had a blast with our Counselors in Training. Then we got back to work finishing Lego robots that clean our zoo and make it the amazing place that we hope you'll love to visit!

Comments from Mr. Quentin in Group 5:

Group 5 is exploring many of earth's gifts with Zany Zoology week! This week students set their minds on different animals and terrains as they studied their favorite creatures in preparation for building their own zoo! All of the camper groups at Camp Create collaborated with each other by picking different animal habitats as sections of their zoo. Group 5 worked hard building exhibits for ocean-based wildlife as they learned about the seas, the shores, and the poles of our world! Students first researched their animals and terrain, then created Scratch coding projects to show their animals in their habitat with a zookeeper to narrate.