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Strategic Plan

Poised and Ready

Our Strategic Plan, “Poised and Ready,” is the culmination of 18 months of research, reflection, and community discussions that resulted in an ambitious plan for our school’s exciting future. We are immensely grateful to the students, staff, parents, board members, and community partners who contributed their time and insight into creating such a forward-thinking plan.

The plan’s theme, “Poised and Ready” reflects both the confidence and accomplishments that have helped define Cascades Academy as an educational thought leader while also recognizing our readiness and eagerness to build on these solid foundations to innovate for the evolving needs of our students and families. Our mission emphasizes our most salient foundation - a pioneering spirit and positive school culture that have been instrumental to the school growing and thriving.

Throughout the school's growth, our commitment to our mission, our core values, and our students remains unwavering. Challenging academics and experiential education have, and always will be, at the heart of everything we do. Like past strategic plans, this one will continue to focus on program refinement while including a very intentional commitment to Central Oregon. We understand that as an innovative leader we have a role to play in service to our greater community, and we look forward to expanding our community partnerships, enhancing our service learning programs, and increasing outreach in the future.

We look forward to involving our entire community in these efforts, and we are confident that this plan will be invaluable in supporting our students to be “poised and ready” for their bright futures ahead.

The Cascades Academy Experience

Elevate student, faculty, and family experiences with the school.


  • Deliver well-rounded, meaningful experiences to prepare students to thrive in a diverse and changing word.
  • Cultivate family participation in an engaged, inclusive community to enhance school culture.
  • Optimize school communications to efficiently serve all constituents.
  • Empower and enhance human resources to support a thriving faculty and staff.

Educational Leadership

Demonstrate innovative educational leadership in Central Oregon and beyond.

  • Implement innovative curricular programs emphasizing skills critical for students to thrive in a rapidly transforming world.
  • Create a culture of professional development for faculty, staff, and trustees to foster innovation and growth.
  • Create a forum for the exchange of innovative educational approaches to cultivate inspiration and growth.
  • Provide a platform for students and community members to engage in an open discourse on social responsibility topics.


Community Outreach

Expand connections in service of both the school and broader community.

  • Cultivate and deepen mutually-beneficial strategic community partnerships.
  • Formally and fully integrate service throughout the curriculum and community, recognizing service as an integral part of inspiring socially responsible individuals ready for a diverse and changing world.
  • Open the doors to Cascades Academy as a hub for Central Oregon community life to increase visibility, inclusivity, and access.


Long-Term Sustainability

Expand the school's strategic and financial resources.

  • Increase philanthropic support to ensure longevity and fund strategic initiatives.

  • Expand auxiliary programs.

  • Optimize tuition and fees revenue to build reserves, improve compensation, and enhance programs.
  • Embark on the next phase of campus master planning to ensure long-term sustainability.


Strategic Marketing and Enrollment Management

Develop a comprehensive marketing and enrollment management plan to achieve optimal visibility and growth.


  • Articulate the value of the Cascades Academy experience to increase enrollment.
  • Optimize financial aid to build a diverse and sustainable enrollment.
  • Optimize retention of mission appropriate students.