Cascades Academy Independent School PK-12


Where Information Meets Inspiration

Challenging academics are an important part of Cascades Academy's mission. Students at all grade levels focus on core academic subjects such as reading, writing, math, social studies, science, and Spanish. But, we also know that challenging coursework, while important, is only one dimension of a student’s academic experience.

We believe that inspiring students is just as important as informing students, and our teachers commit to finding dynamic ways to bring the concepts of learning to life inside and outside the classroom.

With 18 students per class on average, classes are large enough to encourage an energetic exchange of idea, yet small enough to allow for individual attention. Our teachers get to know each student as a whole person- their interests, strengths, challenges, and diamond-in-the-rough potential.

We believe that students today need real work and life experiences just as much as they need advanced academic study, which is why we created student projects such as our 4th/5th Grade Project, 8th Grade Experience Project, 11th Grade Mastery Project, Senior Legacy Project and elective programs. These programs help students develop skills and competencies beyond the textbook – allowing students to discover what they are passionate about as they get ready to pursue higher education.

"Cascades Academy is a wonderful school with strong academics and great experiential learning opportunities. The school fosters students strengths, supports them through their challenges, and helps them to become responsible, capable, socially aware people."
-Middle School Parent