Cascades Academy Independent School PK-12

Lower School

Nurturing Curiosity and a Love of Learning

The goal of the Cascades Academy lower school program is quite simply to help students grow, develop and thrive. We strive to nurture our students’ natural curiosity, passion, imagination, and creativity in such a way that they develop a love of learning that will last a lifetime.

We believe that learning how to learn is just as important as learning the answers; learning how to prioritize, collaborate and communicate is equally as important as learning content.

At Cascades Academy, we take a unique approach to achieving these goals. Our first priority is to create an engaging learning environment where students are active participants in what and how they learn. Our teachers continually seek out ways to bring the concepts of learning to life whether that be through the school’s Storyline curriculum, a classroom project-based assignment, or an off-campus field trip.

Talk to any one of our lower school teachers, and they’ll probably tell you that one of the reasons they love to teach here is because they truly get to know each student as a whole person - their strengths, interests, challenges, and diamond-in the rough potential. Our teachers commit to finding the right balance of challenge and support to help every student reach his/her unique potential. By creating a challenging, supportive, collaborative and safe learning environment, teachers help students stretch their capabilities and feel successful as learners.

"What I enjoy most about Cascades Academy is the ability to take chances, the ability to be excited to go to school everyday for all academics. My teacher has pushed me in all my work and made me come a long way from where I started."
-5th Grade Student

Beyond the individual learner, our lower school students are part of larger, collaborative community. Through several multi-age programs such as Storyline and our Buddy Program, our lower school students all get to know each other. Such multi-age activities foster incredible opportunities for mentorship and leadership among the older students and self-confidence and teamwork among the younger students. This kind of caring, collaborative community is an important part of who we are, and we invite you to come and experience it for yourself!

Lower School Curriculum Guide