Cascades Academy Independent School PK-12

Middle School

Embracing Transition through Cooperation and Courage

If one word were to sum up a typical middle school experience it might be: transition. Transition from childhood to adolescence. Transition from the self-contained classrooms of elementary school to the even more dynamic and demanding middle school environment. Transition from that huggable, supportable child to an increasingly independent teen.

Academically, students are challenged and supported in an inspiring learning environment that encourages participation, accountability, and critical thinking.

The Cascades Academy middle school program is designed to provide both the intellectual and emotional support adolescents need to help them successfully navigate these various transitions throughout their middle school years.

Programmatically, the school’s challenging academic curriculum balances engaging classroom work with meaningful experiences outside of the classroom including service learning, fine arts classes, exciting travel and outdoor education.

"The teachers have enough time to work one on one with you when you need help."
-7th Grade Student

Socially and emotionally, the intimate learning environment cultivates a unique sense of community. With target class sizes of 18 students, teachers identify how to help each individual student reach his/her unique potential. And, students develop supportive, meaningful relationships with each other. This kind of caring, courageous, collaborative community is an important part of who we are, and we invite you to come and experience it for yourself!