Cascades Academy Independent School PK-12

Arts & Tech

Channeling Creativity and Critical Thinking

The nexus of creativity and critical thinking is at the forefront of demands from the 21st century graduate and they are at the core of our dynamic educational program. Each of these values is integral to the design of our curriculum, but each is also reflected in student process, work habit, mindset, and product. The aim of our Arts, Design, and Technology programs is to meld the creative and analytical.

Our fine arts program (2D mixed media, sculpture ceramics, photography), music program (singing, guitar, ukulele, songwriting, and performance), and theatre arts program (performance and stage production) are increasingly integrated with our design and technology strands. Additionally students are engaged in a host of opportunities outside school including attending dramatic performances, musical events, museum tours and artist studios to widen their perspective on the importance and integral nature of the arts.

Through arts and technology courses, we aim to expose students to a wide range of creative outlets, allowing them to discover their artistic voices and find confidence through their self expression.

Our One-to-One Laptop and IDEA Lab programs allow our students access to a wide variety of analytical and creative applications including basic computer skills, photo-editing, audio recording, multimedia production, visual and text coding, robotics, and game creation. Each of these skills is also integrated into all our core academic classes and reflect the value of our integrated and experiential philosophy.