Singing, dancing, and music-making can be heard throughout Cascades Academy on a daily basis. Not only do our students develop tangible musical skills, but this program also supports learning in all other academic areas.

In the Lower School, the goal of creating a sense of musicality while fostering creativity is achieved through the exploration a variety of instruments including ukuleles, xylophones, and shakers. Students create melodies through improvisation on the vibraphone, singing solos during musical games, and practicing rhythms with percussion instruments. Students in PK-5th grade take a look at music from a historical perspective, listening to early rock and roll, the British Invasion, early American folk-rock, and reggae music, while singing and dancing along to the classics to gain an appreciation of a variety of genres and iconic musicians.

In the Middle and Upper Schools, the goal is to expose the students to as many areas of music as possible. This begins with the basic fundamentals of rhythm and melody, including singing together and performing in a drum circle in order create this foundation. From there, students take on instruments of their own and have the opportunity to write and record their own songs, exploring chords and lyrics. The study of music history continues through examining the roots of students' favorite music, including the genres of blues and jazz and their influence on the popular music that we all listen to today. While they work on their individual instruments (guitar, drums, bass, vocals), students come together in a Rock Band to learn the challenges and rewards of performing as a group.

We are thrilled with a class size and community approach where our child is known and valued. The confidence he's gained in the environment alone validates our choice. We also find the curriculum vibrant and value the "extras" like music, Spanish and mindfulness.
-Lower School Parent