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Cascades Academy Independent School PK-12


In our theatre program, students are encouraged to open up to their creative impulses while performing. By learning from the earliest opportunities to make large choices on stage, and exposing the students to a variety of genres and performing opportunities, students are able to apply the valuable tools to all aspects of their personal and academic life. In order to re-create a fully realized character on stage, the actor must choose to live fully while observing the actions and reactions of themselves and others.

Collaboration, communication, working to a deadline, trustworthiness, individual responsibility, finding a sense of self, and making bold choices without fear are some of the few skills we aim to impart.

The lower school students all participate in a yearly musical production at the end of the fall semester. This is an opportunity for the pre-k through fifth grade to collectively perform in show where every child plays a part. By incorporating the theatre arts at an early age, we instill a comfort on stage that remains as the student matures.

In middle school courses, students are exposed to the principles of acting, costume, makeup, props, sound, and set design and construction for the yearly production. Through improvisation games and character study, students are pushed out of their comfort zones, challenged to hone their performance skills, and given the opportunity to take on new identities. Collaboration and communication skills are honed as students take on the tasks of acting while managing the production, and overseeing the technical execution.

The upper school students have an opportunity to further develop their acting skills while concentrating on monologue and scene study. This allows the older, more mature students the time to choose individualized work with a character to whom the student feels personally connected. This is a time where students are able to focus upon specific moment to moment action / reaction cycles.