Cascades Academy Independent School PK-12

Visual Arts

Through in-depth exploration of the arts in their various historical, cultural, and personal contexts, students build a solid background so that they may successfully apply the various components of the art form and develop their personal expression. The art program also strives to help students connect their own lives for inspiration.

Students are asked to look inward as well as into their local and global community when developing their artistic pieces.

In visual arts, the main theme spanning the entire program is the emphasis on the elements of art and the principles of design -- what each element means and how to incorporate it into a work of art to create a successful composition.

A variety of media is explored (clay, paints, pastel, sculpture, collage, etc.), and subject matter is drawn from personal experience, observation, imagination, and most importantly, inspired by the ideas and works of artists throughout history and within different cultures. Students gain an understanding and appreciation of the arts not only as a means for personal expression, but also as a means of communication and as an important and integral role in society.