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Community 101: Addressing Needs of the Physically and Mentally Disabled in Central Oregon
Community 101: Addressing Needs of the Physically and Mentally Disabled in Central Oregon

This year's 9/10 Service Learning class is engaging once again in the Oregon Community Foundation's Community 101 Program, designed to put students in charge of grant money they can award to local nonprofits dedicated to a cause of their choice. This year's class has decided to focus on physical and mental disabilities in Central Oregon and has written the following mission statement:

We, the Cascades Academy Student Community 101 Program, in collaboration with The Star View Foundation Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation and The Oregon Community Foundation, would like to express concerns for those with disabilities, both mental and physical, within our Central Oregon communities. We will work to improve the lives of people with these disabilities by acting as a convener, connector, and catalyst for change, increasing the political and economic power of people with disabilities, and boosting awareness.

In class, we have discussed this issue in our community, watched inspiring videos and TEDx talks about living with disabilities and the Social Disability Movement, and have begun plans for our ambitious fundraising goal of raising $2,500 to match our $2,500 allocation from the Oregon Community Foundation.

At the end of this month we should receive grant applications from local organizations and students will work as a review panel to make the tough decision of which organizations best match our mission. Students will also have the opportunity to volunteer at some of these organizations.

Stay tuned for our video campaign and an upcoming babysitting night fundraiser in mid-February. If you are interested in helping support this great cause, please reach out to Claire Brislin at

-Ms. Brislin, Community 101 Advisor

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