Cascades Academy Independent School PK-12
Another week of fun in kindergarten!
Endangered Animals Storyline Evolves in Kindergarten

Our Storyline is evolving by the day beginning this week with a joint Science lesson led by Dr. Eklund. Children were presented with a challenge - Dr Eklund is going to create a saltwater fish tank. What needs to go into the tank. Children had to consider the habitat of the tank, as well as compatability of fish species. I was impressed with all the knowledge many children possessed about sea life! Additionally, we are in the process of transforming our dramatic play area into a rainforest sanctuary. Everyone really enjoyed creating trees, cutting leaves, twisting vines, and drawing animals for our dramatic play area. As we continue with our Storyline, we will add more details to the rainforest as we see fit. The one thing that is missing is rainforest animals. If your child is willing, we'd love a few rainforest animals (on loan, of course) to add to our scene. If this is something your child agrees to, please be sure to put his/her initials on the tag of the animal. Thanks so much!

-Ms. Jane, Kindergarten Teacher

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