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Leer y Escribir en Espanol!
Leer y Escribir en Espanol!

Spanish class has been wholly exciting this year in the 2nd and 3rd grade classes. Students have worked hard to learn new aspects of the calendar, with 2nd grade learning the date and months of the year and 3rd beginning to dabble in telling time. They have also become very comfortable with getting to know you questions like "What's your name?" and "How are you?"

Second grade has begun to read and write in Spanish, and begins each class reading aloud a written greeting from Maestra Hailee detailing the plan for the day. Then, they transition to writing the date, the weather, and the season using scaffolded materials. They have learned lots of vocabulary having to do with autumn, from fall crops to fall clothing to colors, as well as nature words and weather expressions. While 2nd grade is learning to do more independent reading and writing, we still make time for group games that bring a kinesthetic aspect to their learning. By tying vocabulary to rhythm and movement, kinesthetic learners are able to be fully engaged along with auditory and visual learners, and students are able to hear the words repeated and repeat them themselves enough times that memorization is possible.

Third grade is enmeshed in a unit in which they learn to talk about themselves and about others. They have begun to transfer their knowledge of talking about their own feelings to being able to talk about how others are feeling. Soon, they will begin to learn how to physically describe themselves and others, including friends and family members. Third grade is loving the challenge and friendly competition in games such as charades, headbands, and musical chairs, as they are able to wiggle and move but also challenge themselves and each other intellectually in a supportive way.

-Maestra Hailee, Spanish Teacher

Top Ten Reasons Why School is So Much Fun!
Top Ten Reasons Why School is So Much Fun!

One of my favorite pastimes is watching lower school kids run into our building each and every morning. I'm not kidding, they're literally running. Okay, some of it may be a few certain third graders who have a contest about who can be the first one to sign in to their classroom or one of the kindergartners who loves to see Miss Marti, but it is clear to see that there are many other kids walking down the hallways who are happy to spend each day at Cascades Academy. So, what makes this place so special? Here is a list of the top ten reasons why school is so much fun just from this week:

10. PE, STEM, Art, Music, Spanish, Oh my
Being able to spend time in different learning environments and have our brains be stimulated enriches the school experience every day of the week.

9. Storyline
This week alone so much has happened in La Paz. First there were medieval folks from other lands standing outside of our drawbridge seeking asylum because they had heard of great things about our kingdom. In the words of one La Paz inhabitant when asked, "Should we let them in?" she enthusiastically replied, "Well, we are La Paz. Of course we will welcome them to our kingdom!" This incident led us to learn about and make Coat of Arms so that we could always identify our friends from our foes.

8. Recess
Amazing things have been happening outside during recess this week. The kids have made a very creative fort out of sticks, grass, bark and anything else they could garner from nature. Imaginations are on overdrive and it's easy to see that what they are learning from our medieval story is influencing their play in this arena. Moreover, the teamwork it took in designing the fort has led to feelings of pride and joy.

7. Math Magic
I wowed the kids with my magic trick when I was able to predict three cards they picked from my deck. They are so curious to know what I am up to and how to do the trick. And I am thrilled because who knew learning ways to make 10 could be so exhilarating.

6.Poetry Presentations
Performing a poem from memory is hard work along with getting up to share in front of an audience of one's peers. But earning a sticker for our poem books always feels good and having the stick-to-it-ness to learn something new does too.

5. Miss Marti
Whether she is helping us remove a splinter from our hands, letting us spend indoor recess with her, passing out hugs or just saying, "Hello," Miss Marti is the best, and all of the kids love her.

4. Unexpected Gifts
Sterling brought back each one of us ballpoint pens that are shaped like knights from his trip to Paris. They are awesome and so much fun to write with!!! Finn gifted me the most fabulous holiday candy ring just this morning, and I couldn't be more proud to wear it all day long.

3. Rainbows
The rain fell heavily all Tuesday morning but when we went outside for morning recess the skies cleared and a huge rainbow spread across the sky.

2. Levity
We've been sharing goofy jokes at our Morning Meetings, while waiting in line and at snack. We also danced the Tooty Ta as an entire lower school. Laughing together feels good.

And finally the number 1 reason why school was so much fun this week:
The whole Two Crew was together again after many days of being apart!

- Ms. Fiore, 2nd Grade Teacher

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