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Camp CREATE Wraps Up It's Final Week of Program With Some "Zany Zoology"!
Camp CREATE Wraps Up It's Final Week of Program With Some "Zany Zoology"!

It's hard to believe that this past week of camp was our last program of the summer! How did seven weeks fly by so quickly? Our time at camp was jam packed with all sorts of fun learning opportunities, creative projects, group games, fun field trips and more. All of our staff were sad to say goodbye to all of the fun campers we had in our program and felt that was this was such a successful summer with all of the adventures we had with your students.

Before we get too sentimental, let us tell you all that happened throughout this past week of program! This week's theme was "Zany Zoology", and our campers were challenged to design and program a LEGO robotic zoo animal using the WeDo LEGO robotics program that would be a part of their dream zoo. Just like an architect, our campers would construct a blueprint and 3D model of all of structures in their zoo, such as animal viewing areas and other special facilities. Our campers, though, were challenged to do this using only found materials, which makes it all the more creative and exciting!

For our first day of camp, we had our students get right to work with looking over zoo parks around the world for inspiration on their own designs. We imagined what some of our favorite areas of a zoo may be and how we can come up with new, imaginative ways to experience a zoo. Some campers discussed putting a zipline through the chimpanzee area or having a pool with dolphins where visitors could swim. Who wouldn't want to come visit these innovative places? Campers were quickly to work on their blueprints of their zoo and excited to get started on their constructions. When campers were not busy dreaming up new zoo ideas, they were immersed in the world of programming in our school's new IDEA (innovation, design, engineering, and arts) lab. We were honored to have another week of camp with the amazing Paul Snape, who is our robotics and upper school science teacher at Cascades Academy. He brings such fun ways to teach young students how to code to our programs, such as coding language games and dance moves!

In no time at all, our architects and engineers were busy constructing, coding, and creating new zoo animals out of LEGOs and various loose parts. We encourage our campers to work together on their projects, as practicing collaborating and communicating your ideas with others is an essential life skill that we aim to teach our students. Seeing the way that our campers problem solve with one another, as well as clearly share their creative ideas, is such a joy to see in action. Our campers were so engrossed with their projects this week that it was hard to pull them away to do anything else while at camp!

We had such a fantastic week overall with our campers, and we are sad to say goodbye to our program for the season. It has been a wonderful summer at Camp CREATE, and we want to thank you for being a part of it! We felt honored to such such inquisitive, enthusiastic, and caring individuals participate in our programs. We hope you enjoy whatever may be left of your summer playing outside, exploring, being creative, and any other way that you may enjoy spending time with your family.