Cascades Academy Independent School PK-12

Weekly Themes

At Camp CREATE, we like to say to we have a week of camp for every child.

No matter your child’s interests, our unique experiential program gives them the chance to enhance their skills in a subject while also having a traditional day camp experience. We give campers the opportunity to explore nature and learn new STEAM-related topics by offering a variety of weekly Storyline themes, and we aim to build their knowledge, confidence, and excitement by diving deeply into a subject and working with their peers. As a camper at Camp CREATE, your child will be creating and cultivating new ideas, projects, and friendships all at once. With expert teachers and fun-filled educational classes, your camper is sure to have an amazing summer camp experience.

All camps are available for children entering kindergarten to fourth grade for the 2018-2019 school year.

Summer 2018 Weekly Themes

Week 1: Arctic Animators with Amy Meadow
June 25th - 29th
Cost: $299

Investigate the Arctic and have fun exploring all that lives within it! Through the use of stop motion animation, campers will become their own uniquely designed Arctic explorer using clay and found materials and journey through this special place. Campers will learn about and examine its distinctive landscape and animals as they make backdrops, sets, and additional characters for their stop motion animation film. On our last day of program, the Arctic explorers will showcase their stop motion explorations to a team of researchers to see what new discoveries they made in their journeys. This will be one cool week of camp!

Week 2: Arcade Entrepreneurs with Sarah Nichols
July 9th - 13th
Cost: $299

Imagine designing games like pinball, the claw machine, or skeeball in your very own arcade. Campers during this week of camp will create an arcade from the bottom up using found objects and special tools from our new IDEA (innovation, design, engineering, and art) lab. To truly make our arcade come to life, campers will take part in designing their own uniforms, tickets, advertisements, prizes, and more! For our final day of program, the arcade entrepreneurs will showcase the Camp CREATE arcade to new customers ready to play some innovative games!

Week 3: World's Fair with Sarah Nichols
July 16th - 20th
Cost: $299

Get ready for an exciting week of inventions, new and old. The World Fair's 2018 will be held in no other than Bend, Oregon this summer, and Camp CREATE is it's host! Participants during this week of program will be challenged to design new inventions only using found materials, and campers will also learn about past Expo creations through fun hands-on projects using Cascades Academy's IDEA (innovation, design, engineering, and art) lab. Our inventors will showcase their inventions and historical Expo designs on our last day of program to visitors from all over the world. Come join us for "the dawn of a new day" right here in Bend!

Week 4: Spelunk and Splash!
July 23rd - 27th
Cost: $299

Become a Camp CREATE hydrologist and geologist this week as we explore Central Oregon's unique rock and water landscapes! This week of camp includes four days of fun-filled field trips where campers will learn about the role of rocks in our history, examine water ecology, and explore various locations related to our theme. In our explorations and learning, we'll also make sure to have fun splashing in the water and spelunking through various caves! This week of fun and learning will also help us stay cool in the hot summer weather as we play in the water and travel through cold cave temperatures. Join us for this exciting week of exploration!

Field Trip Locations:
Lava River Cave, Todd Lake, Boyd Cave, and Scout Lake

Week 5: Outdoor Leaders
July 30th - August 3rd
Cost: $299

During this progressive week, the campers will have to work together to accomplish various survival challenges and team building exercises. Each day will test and foster skills such as navigation, shelter building, water filtration, fire making, and more. These skills will help each student in preparation for the final survival challenge at the end of the week and truly learn what it means to be an outdoor leader.

Field Trip Locations:
Riley Ranch Reserve, Dillon Falls, Sunriver Nature Center, and Meadow Camp

Week Six: Amusement Park Adventure with Paul Snape
August 6th - 10th
Cost: $299

Why visit an amusement park this summer when you can create your own? Join Camp CREATE in building some new theme parks right in our own backyard! Campers will transform themselves this week into business owners and engineers as they develop amusement parks filled with rides, games, and thrill-seeking adventures. Our campers will put on their engineering caps in designing the park's rides through the use of robotics, as well as create 3D models of their amusement park with a variety of found materials. The amusement park designers will present their creations to new customers and investors on the last day of our program with the hopes of getting their park funded. Come join the adventure

Week 7: Zany Zoology with Paul Snape
August 13th - 17th
Cost: $299

Have you ever imagined owning your own zoo? You're in luck! Camp CREATE has been chosen as a location for a series of brand new zoos in Central Oregon. Participants this week will have the chance to design animals for the zoo through the use of robotics, as well as create a 3D model of their zoo using found materials. Our zoologist designers will present their creations at the end of the week to a variety of visitors interested in learning more about the collection of animals at their zoos. Take part in this awesomely animal-filled week of camp!