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2022 Camps

Welcome to Summer with Camp CREATE!

Camp CREATE stands for Creatively Redefining Education through Adventurous Teachable Experiences, this is the foundation for how we build and facilitate our seven-week summer camp programs. Each camp theme is based in one of the following experiential learning modalities: Robotics, STEAM, Nature or Arts/Music.

We believe that students learn about a topic by experiencing and doing it first hand, especially with others. Each week of camp has a specific theme and we strive to give students the opportunity to truly explore their theme by working on week-long projects, taking excursions to places in our community, and collaborating with guest educators, instructors, and peers in completing tasks, team-initiatives, and projects. 

Camp 2023 Registration will go live on February 25th at 9:00am 

Camp CREATE Summer 2022 Offerings

July 11th - July 15th: Arctic Animation

Imagine, create, refine and produce your very own stop motion animation film! This week, campers will dive into their own arctic environment and work individually and together to build a visual production focused around personalized characters and scenes. Filled with a variety of art and building projects, campers will create clay figurine designs, multi-media landscapes and master the fundamentals of basic stop motion filming and video editing.

July 18th - 22nd: World's Fair

Join our collective of brilliant collaborators to build and present new inventions that seek to solve a modern day challenge and enhance our livelihoods. By infusing the design process, campers will get curious about what the world needs, brainstorm how to provide a solution, plan how to actualize an invention, design and improve on a unique creation, and share their unique offerings to the world at this fun and vibrant expose!

July 25th - 29th: Medieval Mayhem

We are traveling back in time to the Middle Ages this week! Join us for this fantastical week and try your hand at medieval art techniques as we learn about the highs and lows of living through Medieval times. Campers will put their engineering and creative skills to the test to build and test catapults, trebuchets, forts and armor and realize their imagination and practice their crafts as inventors and characters from a different time period.

July 25th - 29th: Engineering Extravaganza

This week science and technology will take center stage! Campers will become engineers to build Lego robots to accomplish tasks and compete in games, harness the power of block programming to create simple video games with unique characters, and use 3D printers and laser cutters to manufacture personalized designs. This group will be open to 3rd-5th graders and will be run by Cascades Academy's science and robotics teacher and the school’s own, Mystic Biscuit Robotics team, as a fundraiser for their program! 

August 1st - 5th: Let It Shine

How does life sustain with the help of the sun? This week, we will explore how humans in particular harness and leverage the power of the sun, and other natural resources, to not only survive, but thrive! We will investigate these methods and the sun’s impact, by engaging our earth’s natural resources to create solar powered ovens, time telling devices, terrariums, visual and spatial art and dynamic recreation. 

August 8th - 12th: Zany Zoology

Let’s build a vibrant model for an innovative animal education park in Bend! Imagine, design and build an interactive space for families to engage, and learn about the importance of a diverse animal population. Drawing on inspiration from other models and new insights from our creators, we will build a park filled with animals, habitats, enrichment resources and transportation to pitch to community leaders as an upcoming development for our town.

August 15th - 19th: Nature Scouts

Engage your super-powers of observation, intention, and joy for the outdoors! Scouts will learn, embody and employ the principles of Leave No Trace while exploring the diversity in our Central Oregon ecosystems. After filling personalized nature journals and earning special ‘nature nuggets’ by activating a commitment to the world around them, campers will become empowered to engage nature in more kind, creative and sustainable ways. *Full day camp

August 22nd - 26th: Spelunk & Splash

Let’s explore the nooks and crannies of the volcanic environments around us! This week we will learn about the process, impacts and history of geology and hydrology in our area, on location at significant local sites including caves, lakes and state parks. We’ll get outside to learn, hands on, how some of the largest events in history have created the natural playgrounds we know and love. *Full day camp