Cascades Academy Independent School PK-12

Camper Conduct

Behavior: The Honor Code & Guiding Principles

All campers are required to abide by the following Cascades Academy and Camp CREATE Honor Code:

A Camp CREATE camper is expected to act with integrity. Acting with integrity includes being honest at all times, respecting the property of others and the environment of the school, and conducting oneself with moral and ethical awareness.

The honor code is quite intentionally a statement of general principles and not a set of detailed guidelines or rules. It is the philosophy of the school that students should conduct themselves in accordance with such principles and not base their actions on whether or not there is a specific rule that might apply. We seek to instill in students an understanding that if a course of conduct seems wrong, it is to be avoided even if there is no rule that specifically prohibits it.

We believe that it is a privilege to attend this camp and that our responsibilities include the following:

    • We base our relationships on trust, honesty, respect, and compassion.
    • We accept responsibility for our own actions and decisions.
    • We respect our own health and well-being, and that of others.
    • We respect each other’s property, our school, and our environment.
    • We value learning as well as the effort and honesty that must be a part of the process.
    • We expect all campers to come to school ready to engage and have fun, while behaving in a respectful and responsible manner, and to contribute to camp activities and the community.

With the above in mind, the following are some specific examples of camp expectations:

    • A student must refrain from physical abuse, taunts, threats, and verbal harassment. This specifically includes, without limitation, racial and sexual harassment and the use of insults relating to race, religion, gender, and sexual identity. If a student feels that (s)he is being harassed, (s)he should speak with their counselor, assistant director or director of camp. If parents/guardians have concerns their child is being harassed, they should immediately speak with their child’s teacher or advisor.
    • Campers are expected to conduct themselves appropriately so as to avoid behavior that presents a danger to themselves or others.
    • A camper must not engage in disruptive behavior that may detract from the camp environment or prevent learning. This includes, without limitation, disrespecting a teacher or one’s classmates.
    • A student must respect the property of others, of the camp and the surrounding environment. This includes, without limitation, asking permission to borrow property or supplies and then returning them to the appropriate person or place, refraining from damaging school personal property, and entering another campers space, locker or backpack only with the consent of the camper to whom it belongs.