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Welcome to Summer with Camp CREATE!

Camp CREATE stands for Creatively Redefining Education through Adventurous Teachable Experiences, this is the foundation for how we build and facilitate our eight-week summer camp programs. Each camp theme is based in one of the following experiential learning modalities: Robotics, STEAM, Nature or Arts/Music.

We believe that students learn about a topic by experiencing and doing it first hand, especially with others. Each week of camp has a specific theme and we strive to give students the opportunity to truly explore their theme by working on week-long projects, taking excursions to places in our community, and collaborating with guest educators, instructors, and peers in completing tasks, team-initiatives, and projects. To learn more about Camp CREATE check out our FAQs and cancellation policy. If you are interested in working as a Camp Counselor or Counselor in Training (CIT), we'd love to hear from you. If the cost of camp is prohibitive for your family, please find our Scholarship Application here.

Camp CREATE Summer 2021 Offerings

Camp CREATE 2022 offerings will be posted in February 2022 and registration will open in March

July 12 - 16: Camp CREATE Carnival

Have you ever wondered what goes into making a carnival? You’re in luck! Help us make our very own Camp CREATE Carnival full of uniquely engineered rides, games, and prizes to win and share! This STEAM-filled carnival will rely on it’s builders to engineer rides and games with LEGO robotics, simple circuitry and recycled parts.

July 19 - 23: Maker’s Faire

Come one, come all to this international event bringing together makers who engineer some of the most fascinating and inventive projects you can imagine! This week will live up to the saying “Makers Gonna Make” with endlessly fun STEAM projects from wearable costumes, unique vehicles, colorful pinball machine to functioning robots.

July 26 - 30: Unity Games

Immerse yourself in countless activities, heart-warming camaraderie and global history of the Olympics, by joining Camp CREATE’s Unity Games! Join in joyful competition while moving through dynamic courses and games, and learn all about the festivities and ceremonies that have brought cultures, nations and individuals together for decades.

August 2 - 6: Around the World

Let’s tour the world together! Each day your own passport will receive a new stamp as we transport to different locations across the globe through virtual reality. Investigating how different cultures create and promote art, invent and utilize specialized resources and different languages and dialects, our travelers will learn new insights into historical and diverse cultures.

August 9 - 13: Invention Convention

Time to activate your investigative design side and commitment to play during this week of camp! From magnets, snaps velcro and buckles, to 3D printing, laser cutting and basic construction we will combine the design thinking process and a unique sense of wonder to create abstract, kinetic and multifunction toys to expand one’s joy and relationship to playtime.

August 16 - 20: Wildlife Wonders

Be prepared to “get wild” exploring Central Oregon’s wildlife and habitats in partnership with ThinkWild. Let's get up close and personal with animals at the wildlife hospital, and check in on unique habitats at a variety of local ecosystems! We'll learn the ins-and-outs of wildlife biology, identification, animal care and make animal diets and enrichment for the wild patients. This is a field trip based camp, and in order to optimize our time we offer a full day option, only.

August 23 - 27: Plant, Bloom, Grow!

Jump on the bus to play and learn in local gardens and support working farms. In partnership with Seed to Table, campers will grow into ambassadors for the sustainability of plants and animals. Together we will tour local farms, gardens and ranches to learn from the experts as well as engage in experiments and activities to connect our learnings with action. This is a field trip based camp, and in order to optimize our time we offer a full day option, only.