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Camps are not currently open, check back March 1, 2021.

Camp CREATE stands for Creatively Redefining Education through Adventurous Teachable Experiences, this is the foundation for how we build and facilitate our eight-week summer camp programs. Each camp theme is based in one of the following experiential learning modalities: Robotics, STEAM, Nature or Arts/Music.

We believe that students learn about a topic by experiencing and doing it first hand, especially with others. Each week of camp has a specific theme and we strive to give students the opportunity to truly explore their theme by working on week-long projects, taking excursions to places in our community, and collaborating with guest educators, instructors, and peers in completing tasks, team-initiatives, and projects. To learn more about Camp CREATE check out our FAQs and cancellation policy. If you are interested in working as a Camp Counselor or Counselor in Training (CIT), we'd love to hear from you. If the cost of camp is prohibitive for your family at this time, check out our scholarship info.

Summer 2020 Camp Offerings:

Camps for Students Entering Kindergarten-5th Grade in Fall 2020

June 22 - June 26: Robotic Rainforest

Explore the layers and ecosystems of the Amazon Rainforest. Design a model zip-line to travel through the lush variations of the forest using only found materials. Engineer and build an adaptable animal of the rainforest with LEGO robotics.

July 6 - July 10: Safari Station

Let’s go on Safari! Immerse yourself in the animal kingdom and the ecosystems they survive in. Create a solar-powered safari vehicle, design a map to navigate rough terrain and build a specialized LEGO robotics animal who can stand the test of time.

July 13 - July 17: Arcade Entrepreneurs

Imagine designing games for your very own arcade from the bottom up using found objects and special tools from our IDEA lab. To make the arcade come to life, we'll also create uniforms, tickets, advertisements, prizes, and more.

July 20 - July 24: TechTown

Put on your design hat, it’s time to imagine, plan and create a whole new world. From your imagination to reality, we’ll use coding, augmented reality, virtual reality and 3D printing to create new and innovative worlds - that solve a problem. What will you create?

July 27 - July 31: Outdoor Leaders

What skills, tools and attitude does one need to be a capable and aware leader outdoors? Together we will adventure through state and local parks, learning basic first aid, how to build a tent, waterproof gear, cook in the wilderness and be an ambassador for others by embodying the ethics of Leave No Trace.

August 3 - August 7: Toy Makers Workshop

Design, build and decorate functional art to play with! Explore and use an abundance of artistic modalities to build specialty toys including basic circuitry and LEGO robotics. Plan and create a fun and wacky toy shop to display and sell products for community customers.

August 10-14: Spelunk and Splash

Become a Camp CREATE hydrologist and geologist as we explore Central Oregon’s unique rock and water landscapes! Everyday we’ll take fun-filled field trips exploring various locations splashing in the water and spelunking through various caves, learning about the role of rocks in our history, examine water ecology.

August 17 - August 21: Lights, Camera, BLAST OFF

Immerse yourself fully in a space-themed, theater-based camp in partnership with BEAT Children's Theater. Students will build galactic plot, design wacky characters, create colorful costumes and produce dynamic props to enhance their interactive production. This will be a multidisciplinary week full of creativity, expression and connection. By the last day of camp we will host a play, truly out of this world