Cascades Academy Independent School PK-12

Extended Day Program

Our Extended Day Program includes After School Care which is offered to students in pre-kindergarten through 5th grade as well as additional After School Classes for students in kindergarten through 12th grade.

After School Care Registration

Sign-ups occur at the end of each month, and monthly charges will be added to your account. Drop-ins are welcome, space permitting. Please sign up for drop-in attendance by emailing the Extended Day Program Coordinator. If space is available, parents will be invoiced at the hourly rate regardless of attendance.

After School Care Information

Care is available Monday through Thursday until 5:30pm, and Friday until 4:30pm. Students will begin After School Care at the end of the school day with a healthy snack followed by some time to play and relax outside.

Our Extended Day Program is now located straight down the hall from the front doors in the Middle School wing, and we will have a sign on our door. If we are not in that room at the time of your pickup, please refer to a note on the front door to direct you to our group's location.

The price for after care is $10/day from the end of school until 5:30pm. Costs for the EDP will begin to start at 3:30pm for any student who has yet to be picked up from school that day.

Our latest pickup time is 5:30, and the cost for late pickup is a $1/minute following the 5:30 pickup time. Please contact Extended Day Program Coordinator, Meaghan Greene, at (541) 678-1597 if you are running late.

Drop-In Enrollment
If your student needs to be enrolled in the EDP after school care on the day of our program, we ask that you directly contact the Auxiliary Program Director, Alicia Martin, via email prior to 12:00pm that day to ensure that our program has adequate staffing and supplies for students. Any drop-in enrollment that occurs after 12pm will be charged the EDP drop-in price of $15 for the afternoon. For any last minute drop-ins, please be in touch with the Alicia at (541) 678-1597.

Late Start Programs
Cascades Academy will now offer a late start program for each first Friday of the month. To enroll in these programs, please click the label "Friday Morning..." and the date that you plan on attending. It is important for the Extended Day Program to receive enrollment for these programs prior to that morning to ensure adequate staffing and supplies. Drop in enrollment prices apply to families who come to our program unregistered.

Registration and Cancellation Policy for EDP Services

After School Care

Families will be charged for any days that they enroll for our program unless notification is given to the Auxiliary Program Director 24 hours in advance. Families will not be charged for their enrollment in the case of a school absence.

After School Classes and All Day Care Programs

Registration for our After School Classes and All Day Care programs must be made one week in advance to the start of our program to ensure enrollment. A full reimbursement will be made to any family that cancels one week or more prior to the program’s start date. A cancellation up to three days in advance will receive a 50% reimbursement of the cost of the program, and no reimbursement will be made for cancellations that are made two days or less prior to the program.

For any questions or concerns about the Extended Day Program, please contact the Auxiliary Program Director Alicia Martin at