Outdoor Programs

Taking Kids Outside to Develop Confidence Inside

At Cascades Academy, our students receive a healthy dose of outdoor education. Why? We know that outdoor education gives depth to the curriculum and makes an important contribution to the students’ physical, emotional and social education.

In the end, happier, healthier, more confident human beings is our goal.

These programs emphasize active, outdoor experiences and develop important skills such as leadership, problem solving, and teamwork in addition to being a whole lot of fun.

Outdoor Education at Cascades Academy is implemented at all levels of our curriculum (Pre-K - 12) and revolves around teaching responsibility for (1 ) self, (2) others, and the (3) environment, through participation in a host of outdoor activities and experiences.

Fall Orientation Trips

Middle and upper school students ease back into the school year with a three-day, two-night off-campus adventure. Confluence, as the name suggests, is where everything comes together. Before we get all wrapped up in classes, studying, and homework, we like to spend a little time getting used to each other and the idea of school again - to remember who we are, what we are doing, and maybe why we are doing it. And we like to do this somewhere where there are trees, and cabins, and places to swim, so we do not find ourselves getting too serious too fast - taking time to reflect on last year as well as set goals for the new year.

Every fall the fourth and fifth grade classes head out to the Opal Creek Ancient Forest Center for a two-night adventure. They focus on environmental education, leadership skills, and team-building for the year to come. This is a "rite of passage" of sorts, as younger students watch the fourth and fifth graders participate in this annual trip and look forward to going on it themselves one day.

Lower School Outdoor School

The lower school outdoor education curriculum includes three Outdoor School experiences every year, one in the fall, one in the winter, and a final two-day outing in the spring. Outdoor School takes place at one of the many beautiful parks in Bend and focuses on a central theme. Students get to participate in various activities connected to that theme ranging from the academic to the artistic, and often these activities are facilitated by local community experts. This program is also a great way for Cascades Academy to collaborate with our community partners, including our parent community and other faculty and staff at the school.

I choose to send my child to Cascades Academy because I believe that it can better prepare them for the real world through their experiential and travel programs. I admire the dedication and passion of the teachers and conviction of the entire staff to promote practical, well-rounded learning and uphold the highest standards for all in the community.
-Cascades Academy Parent