Cascades Academy Independent School PK-12

The Upper School Wreath Fundraiser supports the Upper School Community 101 Class. This year, the 9th and 10th graders will be focusing their efforts on helping serve individuals with mental health challenges and will be awarding 100% of the monies raised in this fundraiser to local non-profits that serve individuals will mental health needs. Community 101 is a classroom-based program through The Oregon Community Foundation that gives students the opportunity to get involved in their communities through grant making and volunteering. Stock up and share these beautiful holiday items!


  • Sale starts 11/1/2018
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About Teufel Holly Farms

Shortly after arriving in the Pacific Northwest from his native Germany in the early 1880's, Gustav Teufel began a small landscape gardening business from his home in the West hills of Portland, Oregon. He worked with many plants and shrubs in the yards and gardens but it was English Holly that fascinated him most. He carefully gathered the trimmings from select holly trees and took them home, where he made cuttings that he and his wife planted in the greenhouse they had built next to their home. Both the home and the greenhouse are still standing on the original forty-acre holly farm.

Teufel Holly Farms is currently owned and operated by the fourth generation of Teufels. The Teufel family has committed themselves to continuing the family tradition of excellence and superior quality set by their forefathers over more than one hundred years ago. Following this tradition of product quality and customer service established in 1890, we are pleased to extend to you the most extensive line of Christmas holly and evergreens in the business today. Every product and item that we market is made and packed at our farm under close supervision.