Cascades Academy Independent School PK-12


One of the most popular programs in the lower school is Storyline, a teaching method developed in Scotland. During Storyline, students become characters related to a theme and are asked to respond to various incidents using teamwork, problem solving and critical thinking skills. During past Storylines, classrooms have come to life as a Colonial Village, Rainforest, Medieval Castle, Research Ship, Art Museum and Invention Factory.

"Storyline is a great place to let your imagination flow."
-5th Grade Student

Throughout the Storyline, classes work individually and cooperatively in multi-age groups on the various projects. These projects may include research, construction, art, science experiments, brainstorming, inventions, or musical performances. The culmination of a Storyline is an exciting showcase of the children's knowledge and creative work.

In addition, each teacher brings the Storyline theme into the classroom by integrating related topics throughout other curriculum areas. For example, during the Invention Factory Storyline, students read biographies of famous inventors in language arts and studied pulleys and other simple machines during science. This integrated studies approach helps students better understand a topic in both breadth and depth. And because students are active participants in the Storyline via their characters, they are engaged and invested in the learning process. In other words, they are having fun!

I choose to send my child to Cascades Academy because I believe that it can better prepare them for the real world through their experiential and travel programs. I admire the dedication and passion of the teachers and conviction of the entire staff to promote practical, well-rounded learning and uphold the highest standards for all in the community.
-Lower School Parent