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Traveling School

Learning Comes to Life "On the Road"

Call it “hands-on” “or simply “off-campus,” the experiential learning philosophy at Cascades Academy is one of the most unique and compelling parts of our program. Why? Due to our small class sizes and teacher enthusiasm for this style of teaching and learning, our students are off-campus a lot – taking advantage of any “hands-on” learning experiences they can get their “hands-on” - whether it’s a science lesson as part of a river restoration service project or a history lesson in another country.

There’s no better way to bring the concepts of learning to life than through the school’s unique Traveling School programs. These programs include a host of unique opportunities for students take school “on the road” to experience what they are learning first-hand. Teachers tailor content to focus on the area, activities, and cultural events that students will get to explore, and students prepare for this journey through various homework and reading assignments that will help enrich their experience.

All students from 2nd through 12th grade participate in our Traveling School program. In the early years, students take shorter trips of 2-4 nights regionally. In middle and upper grades, students take two trips a year, one week in the fall and another in the spring. Trips range from outdoor adventures like canoeing a wild and scenic river or exploring the Costa Rican rainforest to more urban experiences in the San Francisco bay area and Washington D.C.

I like the experiential learning the school provides. Costa Rica traveling school changed my life.
-12th Grade Student

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