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Headwaters dives into experiential education and deeper learning at Cascades Academy, providing readers with a refreshing source of knowledge, inspiration, and insight into the world we live and learn in.

More Than a Transcript: A Powerful Approach to High School Education
Lauren Kelley, Upper School Head

We find ourselves in a time defined by rapid technological advancements and shifting social paradigms. And yet, educational models — particularly those that articulate student achievement and progress — have gone largely unchanged for more than a century. Upper School Head Lauren Kelley shares how the Mastery Transcript prepares our children for what awaits, shapes a transformational student experience, and challenges traditional notions of what education should be.

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AI Graphic
Kelly Fast, Director of Academic & Experiential Programs

AI in education is a double-edged sword. It promises a future where learning is limitless, engaging, and highly personalized, yet it also poses the risk of creating an over-reliance on technology, where the essence of human touch in education could fade. Director of Academic & Experiential Programs Kelly Fast explores how Cascades Academy is navigating this terrain with caution, embracing AI not as a replacement, but as a tool to augment the rich tapestry of human learning. The future of education with AI is not just about integrating technology; it's about striking a balance that preserves our humanity while embracing innovation.

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Two students talking with a teacher
Julie Amberg, Head of School

With the completion of our Middle and Upper School Fall Traveling Schools earlier this month, this "Headwaters" entry offers an in-depth look at the design and purpose of this hallmark program. Head of School Julie Amberg was a leader on the 6th grade trip to Newport where students discovered the majesty and wonder of the Oregon Coast and navigated myriad experiences, both individually and collectively, that were joyful and challenging, engaging and exhausting, and purposeful and carefree.

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