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Lower School

There is no back row at Cascades Academy! 

At Cascades Academy, the lower school program is designed for one simple reason: to inspire students to want to come to school everyday as their best authentic selves. We have a vibrant, safe, and close-knit community that balances academic richness with deep experiences. We start by empowering our teachers to go beyond the academic curriculum to enrich their students’  lives by nurturing a deep and meaningful relationship that ultimately helps guide their overall school experience. It’s through these relationships that the magic happens. 

Our lower school community is intentionally small, yet mighty. Our class sizes allow our students to be seen as their authentic selves.

Talk to any one of our lower school teachers, and they’ll probably tell you that one of the reasons they love to teach here is because they truly get to know each student as a whole person - their strengths, interests, challenges, and potential. Supporting individual learning is key. Each child is given time, resources, and feedback to continue growing and developing essential future skills, while also preparing them academically for the next level of their education. 

At Cascades Academy, it is not about what you know, it’s how you use what you know that matters! Because of this depth, we prioritize and partner our students’ social emotional growth with their academic growth. One cannot happen without the other.

Alongside the academic foundations of reading, writing and math, we teach specific social and emotional skills that help our students with self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision making. In short, we're teaching academic and social emotional skills that will give our students the strategies to help succeed in life beyond school. 

We are a process-based environment.  We believe that learning how to learn is just as important as learning the answers. We actively teach executive functioning skills to help our students gain the skills to show up as their best academic selves. Learning how to be an effective student goes beyond learning the content. It also supports students becoming self-starters, using intentional goal setting to guide productivity, maintaining learning endurance, and, like in any good experiential learning environment, using reflection to analyze how the learning process felt in order to make a better plan for next time. 

We go beyond the traditional academic content and focus on the whole child.  This kind of caring, courageous, collaborative community is an important part of who we are, and we invite you to come and experience it for yourself!

Program Quote - LS 3

Storyline is a great place to let your imagination flow.
5th Grade Student

Program Quote - LS 2

I choose to send my child to Cascades Academy because I believe that it can better prepare them for the real world through their experiential and travel programs. I admire the dedication and passion of the teachers and conviction of the entire staff to promote practical, well-rounded learning and uphold the highest standards for all in the community.
Lower School Parent

Program Quote - LS

"What I enjoy most about Cascades Academy is the ability to take chances, the ability to be excited to go to school everyday for all academics. My teacher has pushed me in all my work and made me come a long way from where I started."

5th Grade Student

Our Classrooms

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Sample Schedule

*Note that the sample schedule varies dependent on the grade level*

Time course
8:15am Parent Drop-Off
8:30am Morning Meeting
9:00am Reading Groups

Snack & Recess

10:45am Math
11:30am Specialist Class
12:15-1:15pm Lunch & Recess
1:15pm Writers Workshop


2:15pm Specialist Class

Closing Time

3:30pm Dismissal

Lower School Events

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