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Experiential Learning

Experiential learning has been a tenet of the school's educational philosophy since its inception, but at Cascades Academy, experiential learning is so much more than trips - it's intentionally infused in the delivery of our core academic courses. Our faculty understand that learning by doing is a transformational pedagogical practice that is fundamentally more informative and instructive. What's more, experiential learning delivers unique academic depth, the type of challenge that is not born from a superficial volume but instead arises from depth and meaning. 

Learning by Doing

Experiential learning at Cascades Academy is implemented at all levels of our curriculum and revolves around the central idea of learning by doing. The central tenets of this methodology include engaging students in a cycle of (1) activity/experience, (2) reflection, (3) conceptualization, and (4) application of desired learning outcomes. While the classroom affords many opportunities for students to engage in experiential education, the school also employs this learning methodology outside the traditional classroom.

Experiential Learning at Cascades Academy

The Experiential Learning Cycle

students working on a humanities project

The school has adopted experiential learning as a cornerstone of its mission and recognizes the inherent value in teaching within this model. Not every lesson on every day employs the entire model, but the quality and depth of learning, not to mention student engagement, is clearly enhanced by the practice. In addition to core academic classes, students will engage in experiential learning in many programmatic elements such as service learning, leadership, outdoor education, travel, or perhaps just exploring beyond one’s comfort zone. 

Experiential Learning

Cascades Academy has a very "hands-on" approach to learning and community that is so refreshing to see these days. We love the passion of the teachers for their subjects and commitment to engaging students. Experiential learning provides such a great opportunity to really learn more about a subject while building social bonds with classmates that is vital at any age.”

Current Parent

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Cascades Academy is a wonderful school with strong academics and great experiential learning opportunities. The school fosters students' strengths, supports them through their challenges, and helps them to become responsible, capable, socially aware people."

Current Parent