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Culture of Community

Where Families are Known and Valued

Call it a family, a village, a community. Ours is a supportive network of motivated students, talented teachers, and engaged families. Our school culture is distinctive and can be felt upon entering the building each morning. A visitor might see middle school students working together in the canyon on a restoration project, a student working with a teacher one-on-one to solve a difficult math problem after class, or a parent lending their skills and expertise in a volunteer capacity.

The Cascades Academy community prides itself on having an authentic culture, one where students, teachers, staff, and families support and accept one another. Many members of this community give their time and talent, creating a culture that celebrates individuality and a community that is invested in the success of the school.

We Invite Your Family to Get to Know Ours

Community Quote 1

The school values each individual student and welcomes a diverse student body. The Experiential Education model that is the hallmark of a Cascades Academy education leaves space for all different types of learners to engage in their education in the way best suited to their learning styles and needs, and keeps school fun and motivating. Our family feels welcomed and supported at CACO.

Current Parent

Community Quote 2

Our son, and our family as a whole, has been welcomed into a community that values his academic learning but equally as important his social learning. We have seen his confidence grow and he has thoroughly enjoyed waking up in the morning and going to school each day. As parents, we feel blessed to know he is at a school that truly loves and values him for the individual he is and honors each child in their own way."

Current Parent


We deliver meaningful, challenging, and experiential education to inspire lifelong learners who are socially responsible individuals ready for a diverse and changing world. 


Ignite Curiosity
Learn By Doing
Foster Belonging
Empower Individuality
Embrace Challenge
Share Joyfulness


Cultivate Engagement
To foster lives of understanding, purpose, and meaning.

Build Community
To deepen connection, appreciation, and collaboration.

Inspire Goodness
To be a force of positive impact in the world.