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Life Lessons on and off the "Court"

Athletics enrich the educational experience of students  at Cascades Academy, and act as a vehicle to promote learning. It's not about winning races or even setting a personal record, although of course these are happy outcomes. Competing in athletic events is about students dedicating themselves to a difficult and challenging endeavor, one that doesn't have a set pinnacle of achievement. You can always climb higher. It's about improving skills and contributing to a team effort. It's about fun, team camaraderie, and building relationships. It's about sacrifice, overcoming defeat, and facing adversity. And it involves setting goals for the season, for the week, for the day, and for the next 30 seconds, then analyzing the results of practices and competitions to determine what adjustments need to be made in order to improve performance and achieve your goals.

Whether they're competing on the school’s cross country team or racing down the slopes of Mt. Bachelor, our students can often be found doing something physically active. At Cascades Academy, we support our students pursuing their athletic passions in any number of ways. Go Steelhead!

Evan Dougherty
Athletic Director / LS PE Teacher
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Collaborating With Our Community: Sports Beyond Cascades Academy

While we look forward to adding additional sports teams as student demand merits in the future, middle and upper school students at Cascades Academy may also participate in sports offered by the public high schools. We gladly work with students to accommodate game and travel schedules making it possible to participate without detriment to academics. Our school is proud to host many lower school soccer and lacrosse teams facilitated through private sports clubs and Bend Parks and Recreation.

Winter Sports Program: Ski, Snowboard, and More

Our ski and snowboard program started the year that the school opened and has remained an important part of the Cascades Academy culture and a hallmark of our unique approach to a well-rounded educational experience.  Not only are skiing and snowboarding life-long sports that we hope students will enjoy for many years to come, students also receive P.E. credit for their time in the lessons.  From an early age, students are developing skills in self-efficacy, planning, resiliency, grit, follow-through, and healthy risk-taking by participating in these programs. They are able to build independence and physical strength at the same time, all while enjoying the beauty of Central Oregon. It is respite from how hard they work academically day in and day out, and there’s nothing like breathing that fresh mountain air!

Traditionally, middle and upper school students have spent a half-day every week from January through March at Mt. Bachelor, while kindergarten-5th grade students participated for five full days in February and March. In recent years, we have added some additional options for non-skiers such as ice skating, snowshoeing, indoor rock-climbing, and more.


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Fall Athletics

  • Soccer (LS)
  • Co-Ed Cross Country (MS + US)
  • Girls Volleyball (MS)
  • Boys Basketball (MS)
  • Club Rock Climbing

Winter Athletics

  • Girls Basketball (MS)
  • Boys Basketball (MS)
  • Nordic Skiing (US)
  • Club Rock Climbing

Spring Athletics

  • Co-Ed Track and Field (MS + US)
  • Co-Ed Club Ultimate Frisbee (US)
  • Co-Ed Club Volleyball (US)
  • Club Rock Climbing

Middle School Atheltics




Upper School Athletics