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Middle School

A Place for Everyone

If one word were to sum up a typical middle school experience it might be: transition. Transition from childhood to adolescence. Transition from the self-contained classrooms of elementary school to the dynamic and demanding middle school environment. Transition from a young child to an increasingly independent teen. During this time of change in our students' lives, our middle school is a place where students feel safe, included, and accepted. Within this supportive space, our students are able to learn, develop a healthy identity, and ignite their curiosity.

The Cascades Academy middle school program is thoughtfully designed to provide a balance of academic challenge, experiential learning, and personal growth.

Academically, students are challenged and supported in an inspiring learning environment that encourages participation, accountability, and critical thinking.  Socially and emotionally, the intimate learning environment cultivates a unique sense of community. Teachers identify how to help each individual student reach their unique potential, and students develop supportive, meaningful relationships with each other. This kind of caring, courageous, collaborative community is an important part of who we are, and we invite you to come and experience it for yourself!


Challenging Academics

We provide an intimate and inspired learning environment that encourages participation, accountability, and cooperation. The middle school academic program utilizes competency based learning which identifies specific content area and transferable skills. Students receive individualized feedback on their learning progression in each of these skill areas, which helps them understand themselves as learners. 


Experiential Learning

We believe that learning is the most engaging when students are able to get their hands dirty, learn by doing, and play an active role in their education. 

In addition to classroom-based experiential learning, our middle school program includes multiple stand-alone programs that further advance the experiential nature of the students’ experience.  Some are part of our weekly rhythm, others occur periodically throughout the year.  

"The teachers have enough time to work one on one with you when you need help."
7th Grade Student


A Day in the Life of a Cascades Academy Middle Schooler

The weekly schedule for middle school students is packed full of a mix of traditional academics, hands-on experiences, and freedom of choice in electives, arts, and clubs. In addition, middle school students enjoy some of the hallmarks of our program that go beyond typical seat time, such as:

  • Expedition: 3 1/2 hours per week for off-campus adventures, community outreach work, and the winter sports program
  • Advisory: Dedicated time for connection with teachers, social-emotional learning, and academic support
  • Prep Time: Time set aside 4 days per week to work on assignments and reduce homework load

Sample 7th Grade Schedule

Time course
8:30-9:20am Math
9:20-10:10am Science
10:10-11:00am English / Language Arts

Lunch & Recess

11:45-12:35pm Spanish
12:35-1:25pm Social Studies
1:40-2:20pm- Advisory
2:20-3:00pm P.E.
3:00-3:45pm Prep

Middle School Events

There are no events to display


Advisory & Character Skills

Middle school students need to feel seen, heard, and appreciated. Through our advisory program, we encourage students to show up as their authentic selves in a safe, inclusive environment. Each advisor meets with their advisory group of 10-12 students twice each week. Through these weekly meetings, students develop their social emotional skills, digital citizenship, and have a chance to discuss the topics that are on their minds. 6th grade focuses on personal identity, 7th graders explore diverse perspectives, and 8th graders develop a sense of agency and take action in their world. In addition to these grade-level advisory themes, academic program, and experiential learning, our middle school program continually emphasizes and develops three main character skills: work ethic, growth mindset, and social responsibility.